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Osteopathy Niagara Falls

Osteopathy is a non-invasive holistic alternative medicine that focuses on creating total body health by treating and balancing the musculo-skeletal, nervous, circulatory, myofascial, visceral and lymphatic systems.

Osteopathy relies on restoring function in the body by treating the root cause that is creating the symptom. An osteopathic manual practitioner relies on the quality and finesse of his/her palpation and works with enhancing the mobility, motility and position of each segment in the body. With the use of gentle manual techniques, central alignment of the body is restored toward normality resulting in reduced discomfort, pain and inflammation with the potential to abolish mild or severe health conditions. The most severe problem is treated first which liberates the body to create cascading effects of relief throughout the being. The goal of treatment is to enhance balance so that auto-regulation and homeostasis can occur naturally. Osteopathic treatment is also a great way to prevent problems and maintain good health. From a new born to a senior, all are able to benefit from a traditional osteopathic treatment!

Commonly treated conditions include:
lower & upper back pain asthma/breathing troubles digestive problems neck pain/whiplash calf, shin and ankle pain sinusitis/tinnitus vertigo/head trauma pregnancy care leg length discrepancy stiff neck/postural problems stress/depression/fatigue joint replacement rehabilitation frozen shoulder sporting injuries muscle & joint deterioration occupational ill health tennis elbow/golfers elbow TMJ muscle tension/anxiety increase overall health herniated discs/sciatica restricted range of motion headaches and migraines arthritic pain pelvic pain entrapped nerves

Osteopathy for infants and children, the natural solution to:
Crying and Irritability Nursing and Feeding Issues Colic Sleep Disorders Hypo / Hyper Tonicity Asymmetric Head Growth ADD / ADHD Developmental Issues Ear Infections Bed Wetting Birth Trauma Sinus and Dental Problems Susceptibility to Infections Weak Immune System Growing pains and more...

Why live with discomfort? Treat the source of the problem now.

Some methods of treatment include: osteo-articular adjustments, cranial-sacral therapy, visceral/organ normalization, strain-counter strain, muscle energy and scar tissue therapy.

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Initial assessment & treatment - 1 hour ~ $101.77 + HST = $115
Follow-up treatment - 1 hour ~ 101.77 + HST = $115
Follow-up treatment - 45 min ~ $88.50 + hst = $100
Follow-up treatment - 30 min ~ $61.95 + HST = $70

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