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A Chiropractor is able to treat joints and muscles of the whole body, with emphasis on the spine. The chiropractic adjustment is a manual adjustment therapy that can decrease pain and increase range of motion in joints that are restricted. The first visit will be an hour long, and will consist of a thorough health history, physical examination, report of findings with a diagnosis, and first treatment. This longer appointment will ensure that he has a clear picture of what is going on to develop a treatment plan the patient is comfortable with that will provide the desired results and reach the patients goals. It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for your visit to the chiropractor. Some tests may include:

  • a check of your blood pressure, pulse and breathing
  • a test of your reflexes, strength and sensations
  • an analysis of your posture
  • an analysis of your movement — he will observe how you walk, turn, bend or lift things, as well as how your body moves in the affected area
  • a hands-on evaluation of how well your spine moves, identifying restrictions and areas of improper motion

A treatment will often consist of soft tissue therapy, adjustments to joints that are restricted (not moving as they should), acupuncture (optional), and rehabilitation exercises (stretching, strengthening) will be given for the patient to perform at home.

Chiropractic can be an effective treatment for:
migraines carpal tunnel syndrome headaches low back pain benign paroxysmal positional vertigo Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction postural complaints pregnancy related back pain neck pain hip, knee, and ankle pain upper back pain sciatica rib dysfunction shin splints bicipital tendonitis plantar fasciitis supraspinatus impingement pre / post-operative patients tennis / golfers elbow also many other conditions that are not listed

First Visit - 1 hour ~ $95
Includes health history, assessment, diagnosis, report of findings & treatment

Complex Chiropractic Treatment ~ $60

Extended Chiropractic Treatment ~ $85

These treatments may include adjustments, active release therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, IASTM and more

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