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Acupuncture Niagara Falls

Acupuncture is the precise application of fine needles into the soft tissue to treat the body in a much different way than a manual technique can. This technique allows practitioners to affect deeper structures in the body and have a much stronger effect on the nervous system and the surrounding musculature. Acupuncture has its roots through traditional Chinese medicine following highly researched Meridians.

Acupuncture is applied to decrease muscle tension and treat muscles that are inhibited (not contracting correctly). If a muscle is tight or inhibited, this can result in dysfunction in the surrounding area through incorrect muscle contraction and joint movement. Acupuncture focuses on decreasing tension, pain and dysfunction in the area being treated. It increases range of motion and “awakens” the nervous system to aid in better muscle contraction. Acupuncture is often a painless technique, however, some discomfort may be associated with certain insertion points and the patient may feel a dull ache in muscles, similarly to if they have just worked out the muscle.

Acupuncture can be an effective treatment for:
migraines carpal tunnel syndrome neck pain low back pain postural conditions hip dysfunction bicipital tendonitis sports or activity related tightness supraspinatus impingement micro-tears (sprains / strains) in muscles tennis / golfers elbow knee and ankle dysfunction also many other conditions that are not listed

Complex Chiropractic Treatment ~ $60

Extended Chiropractic Treatment ~ $85

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